Newcastle University Wellbeing service

Newcastle University offer a Student Wellbeing service. If you are a student at Newcastle university, your personal tutor is your first point of contact for practical advice or direction on academic and non-academic matters. Alongside this, Newcastle University Student Wellbeing Services provide information, advice and guidance on a wide range of student support issues, allowing you to maximise your potential whilst at university. The services are without charge and are available to all current students.

Call them on 0191 208 3333 or visit the website

Download this brochure which has all information you need to know regarding the service.

Meningitis Vaccine

'Fresher' students going to university for the first time, including overseas students, are advised to have a vaccination to prevent the Meningitis ACW&Y disease. Older teenagers and University students are at a high risk of contracting the infection due to many of them mixing closely with lots of new people.

Please make an appointment with the Practice Nurse for the Meningitis Vaccine as soon as you register with the surgery.

For more info, please click on this link for a leaflet.

Chlamydia Testing

We offer chlamydia testing to all our patients under 25. The test is very simple. You will be asked to provide a self-taken vaginal swab for or a 'pee in a pot' urine test. There are also chlamydia tests available at reception which needs to be filled in with your details. We will then send them off for you and once the lab has received the test you will receive a text message with your results.

Don't be concerned if we offer it to you, we are offering it to everyone under 25!

Student Sick Notes

Medical sick notes
A doctor's sick note is only needed if illness prevents your study for more than 7 days. The university advises you not to seek retrospective evidence once you are well again. A university sick note can be completed by the Nurse Practitioner; you don’t need to see a GP for this.

Student notice of absence
If illness has prevented you from studying for more than 3 days, you should complete a university student notice of absence form and return it to your tutor.

City Centre Surgery

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Newbiggin Hall Surgery

Trevelyan Drive, Newbiggin Hall, Newcastle upon Tyne NE5 4BS

Telephone 0191 2869240

Surgery opening hours

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