Test Results

Please remember if you have a blood test or other investigation, it is your responsibility to enquire with the practice about the result. Please phone for test results preferably during the afternoon between 3.00pm and 5.00pm

The time interval for telephoning for results is:
Blood/Urine results - 14 working days
X-rays/ Ultrasounds - 14 working days
Cervical Smear test - six weeks

The doctor will advise you if the interval is significantly different.

To maintain confidentiality, results will only be given to patients in person or to parents if the patient is under 16.

Getting a blood test

You can book an appointment with the Nurse who is at the Surgery Monday to Friday. Please bring your blood request form if you have one. Appointments for blood tests may be booked up to 4 weeks ahead.

Please note, blood tests MUST be requested by a GP before we can make an appointment for this. If it has not been requested by the Doctor, you will then need to make an appointment to discuss it with them.

Getting a urine test

Bring a urine specimen in before 11am on the day it is done. Please make sure specimens are labelled with your date of birth, name and also the date you handed the sample in. You may have been given a brown form to hand in as well. If you have a brown form, please enter the date and time the sample was collected in the top right hand corner.

The doctor or nurse will have told you if the sample is for dip testing at the practice. This is usually done as a screen for sugar or infection. Please tell the receptionist this information.

If you were told that the sample is to go to the hospital laboratory, then there are several rules to follow. The sample must be mid-stream, passed the same morning it is brought in, into a sterile bottle obtained from reception.

Please note that the laboratory do routine pregnancy testing. Fast reliable tests can be purchased at the chemist.

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