Registering for access to online services

To register for online access to book appointments, order repeat prescriptions and view your medical record, please complete this Online Services Registration Form and return it to the surgery by email ( or in person.

ID verification is required to ensure that access is granted only to the patient or their authorised representative(s). All patients are asked to provide two forms of ID verification either in person or via the email address listed above, in line with the NHS Good Practice Guidance on Identity Verification.

The practice accepts the following forms of ID:

  • Photo ID (passport or driving licence)
  • Proof of address (bank statement or utility bill)

At Saville Medical Group it takes approximately 7 days to process online service requests.

Once you have registered for online access and your request has been processed, you will be issued with a unique username, password and instructions on how to access the online services.

At Saville Medical Group, patients access online services using the following:

  • Patient Access
  • NHS App - patients registering for online services via the NHS app follow a separate verification process including the provision of ID.
  • myGP App - The myGP app lets you book GP appointments, order repeat prescriptions and set up medication reminders on your smartphone.

How does Patient Access work?

Go here to log in to The Patient Access System

Go here to watch a set of short videos to help you use Patient Access.

Your practice uses a clinical information system to manage patient records. Each time you have a consultation with a clinician or test results are sent back from the lab, the details are recorded to build up your medical history and help with your future care. The practice also uses the system to book appointments, send letters and update your contact details. Patient Access is a website that displays information from the practice's system and allows you to:

  • View and book available appointments.
  • View your medication and request further prescriptions.
  • View your medical record.

Each practice decides how much information is allowed to be seen through Patient Access and how many appointments can be booked online. The practice are also responsible for allowing you access to Patient Access and only they can create and reset accounts if you're struggling to sign in.

For help and support using Patient Access, please visit the Patient Access website >>.

The practice is live with e-consultations

E-consult provides an online portal where patients can self check their symptoms and receive medical advice.

Patients electing to E-consult with their GP simply fill out an online form.

You can ask for help with a specific problem or condition, ask for general advice if you are not sure what your symptoms mean or request for administrative help for things like sick notes. You can also receive advice and treatment by the end of the next working day, you may not have to even come to the surgery.

Please watch the video for more information.

The myGP app is a simple and convenient way to manage you and your loved ones' wellbeing.

  • Order medical prescriptions from your home
    - Skip the pharmacy queues and paperwork. Order prescriptions when it's convenient for you.
  • Book your doctor's appointments swiftly
    - At home, work or play, the myGP app puts your instantly in control of your personal health 24/7. - (Coming soon!)
  • Check medical records on the go
    - With myGP your personal medical records move with you, so you can check them online, anytime.
  • Take care of your family
    - Looking after your children or caring for a loved one? myGP allows you to quickly manage your family's health quickly and easily.

The myGP app is free to download on the Google Play Store/App Store and offers features such as medication reminders and a health tracker which allows you to submit your own health data; for example, a blood pressure reading or current weight.

For further information and help signing up, click here


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